About Me


Let me hit a few highlights before I get into the film stuff. Lets see… I grew up in Kentucky in a very small town where my dad was a farrier and we always had horses. I worked in the Virgin Islands before going to college. I might have stayed in that island paradise forever had I not gotten into Florida States prestigious Film School. I cannot brag on my alma mater enough. FSU provided hands on training in the film industry with extremely small class sizes from amazing industry professionals. While in school I met some of my best friends and continue to work with many of the students from the program today.


Immediately after graduating I moved to Los Angeles, having never visited the city before, to begin working in the film industry. For the first year I worked as an office manager and creative executive assistant at RKO Pictures. I learned a lot as they rebuilt their distribution business and developed their slate. After deciding I wanted to work more in the field I went on to office PA on a Nickolodian TV show and movie after which I was a post PA for the movie and then another TV show. It was another great education to watch a TV show and a movie go from the true beginning all the way through shooting and post.

The one thing that had stayed constant was my love of the camera department. The entire time I had been in L.A. I was shooting whatever I could whenever I could. I made the jump into full freelance as a camera professional and have never looked back. Over the past ten years I have built up my resume, clients, and gear. I have gotten to work with some of my idols and go to some amazing places a small town kid from Kentucky never even imagined. I now am a member of local 600 as a camera operator. I split time between Director of Photography, Steadicam, and camera operating. I have camera, grip, lighting and sound packages and provide a lot of the gear for the shoots I am on. I also opened my own office (Power House Creative Space) where all of my friends can come in and work on their projects. 

Behind The Scenes Evanescence: Imperfection from Revolver Magazine
Behind The Scenes Green Day: Still Breathing featuring cinematography
Interview with me from Teradek about my cinematography on the Green Day music video Still Breathing.
Interview with me from Featured Filmmaker Fridays.
Behind The Scenes Farm Fresh: European Comercial featuring my Ronin and camera work
Behind The Scenes Emmy's: United Airline Promo