Lumix 12-35
Lumix 7-14mm
Small HD OLED High Bright

For a full list of gear, prices, or questions please feel free to reach out to me via the information on my contact page

Zeiss CZ.2 zoom set of:






Available for rental from Keslow in L.A.



I manage and personally own a wide variety of state of the art equipment from all fields of the film industry. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the things I offer to rent out along with me as an operator. Also keep in mind our full range of production and post-production services through my collective at Power House Creative. We can take most projects all the way from concept through completion.



  • Full steadicam package with optional wireless video, follow focus, and monitoring. 


Camera and Lenses

  • Varicam 35mm 4k HD Camera Package

  • Canon C300ii 4k HD Camera Package

  • 2x GH5 camera

  • 2x GoPro Hero 9 Black

  • Meike FF PL mount (35mm, 50mm)

  • Lumix G Vario micro 4/3 mount: 7-14mm, 12-35mm, 2x 35-100mm

  • Leica R Summicon 50mm, Leica Elmarit 100mm macro


Support and Monitors

  • Gama Fluid head wiht Sachler Sticks

  • Shape 15mm focus wheel and pistol grips

  • Small HD 703 5"

  • Small HD 702 Bright Handheld Directors monitor

  • Small HD DP7 Pro High Bright

  • Panasonic 21" monitor


  • 1x Aputure 300x Bi color (22" dome, beauty dish, fresnel)

  • 2x Aputure 300 Nova RGB (softbox and grid)

  • 8x Aputure B7c Bulb kit RGB

  • 1x Sumo Space light (5' Chimera Octa)

  • 4x Quasar 4' Crossfade Tubes

  • 1x Litemat 2 kit

  • 2x Litemat series 2 2L kits

  • 1x litemat 4 series 2

  • 1x Fiilex 360 bi-color LED

  • 3x Fiilex 180 bi-color LED

  • Strobe light

  • Extension cords


  • Grip gear (Mayford clamps, cardellini clamp, platypus clamp, grip clamps safety chains, scissor clamp, pigeon plates, dimmers, alligator clamp)

  • Apple boxes (1x  full, 3 x half)

  • 8 x C-stands

  • 1x Crankovator

  • 2x Tripple Risers 

  • 2x Low Boy Combos 

  • 1x light stand

  • 1x Danna Dolly Kit

  • Bounce boards

  • Assorted jells

  • 14 x Flag Kit

  • 2x 4x4 solid

  • 1x 4x4 Ultra Bounce

  • 1x 4x4 Mirror Board

  • 1x 2x2 Mirror Board

  • 1x fold out tables

  • 1x Magliner

  • 1x 12x12 Frame

  • 1x 6x6 Frame

  • 2x 12x12 Solid

  • 1x 12x12 Poly Silk

  • 1x 12x12 Chroma Green Screen

  • 1x 12x12 Gold/Silver Checker Board

  • 1x 12x12 Silver Lemme

  • 1x 12x12 Black Velvet

  • 1x 12x12 Half Grid

  • 1x 12x12 Light Grid

  • 1x 6x6 Poly Silk

  • 1x 6x6 Magic Cloth

  • 1x 6x6 Light Grid Noisy

  • 1x 6x6 Giffon


Sound Gear


  • H6N recorder 4/6 channel 

  • 1x Sennheiser G3A wireless lav mic

  • 2x Movo LV4 wired lav mics

  • Azden Dual Shotgun mic

  • Rode Boom Pole