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FSU Alumni Video Series

In these videos we hope to provide information on some subjects that may not be covered in your standard FSU curriculum from former FSU Film School alumni currently working in their chosen fields. While FSU does an excellent job educating and giving you hands on experience there are just some things that can not translate from student film sets to large scale productions; roles change, are divided up among more positions, and new jobs are added the bigger the production gets. There are a million facets of film making and a million jobs to go along with them, some of which you may not even know about yet! These are all things we wish we knew in school and will hopefully give you a jump start on your chosen career path. This is an active page and we will have more videos and talks for you all as more alumni find new things they want to share. 

Know that all of the Alumni feel for you during this uncertain time and we are here to help further your education while you can not be in class. When things to return to normal we will be in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and all over the country waiting for your arrival! 

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